Spaces for rent...


The book it´s almost done. I´m now in the last stage of the work, inserting the text and organizing the entire book.

For this work I´m using InDesign. This is the least fun part :(

At the bottom you can see the notebook where I do all my notes. From small sketches to counting the time that I take in every stage of my projects.


The next children book that I'm illustrating is already in its final stage.

Only the text is missing :)

Fado in Bossa album cover

A detail from the album cover for the musical project Fado in Bossa.

It´s going to be released soon :)

Visit their facebook page:

Celebration illustration

I made this illustration to celebrate the fact that my facebook page has over 500 likes and to thank everyone that liked.

Today I wanted to post the pictures of before and after coloring to show you some of my work process. First I did the pencil drawing and then scanned it and colored it in Photoshop. I also used a texture that I made with graphite pencil on paper just to give a rough air to the illustration: P.

Another one is ready...

Finally I managed to finish one more illustration for Sleeping Beauty :)

Hot weather and palm trees ;)

New project.

Soon I´ll be giving news :)

Drawings exhibited at my workplace

Yesterday and today I've been putting my drawings in the room where I work: D. This way it`s easier for visitors to see my portfolio.


My cards are ready!!!


Bruno ( did the design. The result it´s just like I wanted :)
This was the image I used:

GNRation Mural 02

Another short video of the mural that I did in GNRation Lab.


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