The Canterville Ghost

The last book I illustrated is now on sale!

I really loved doing the illustration for this tale of Oscar Wilde. It gave me a lot of pleasure to draw those environments and the ghost, Sir Simon de Canterville.

This is the link where you can get this book and peek the inside:

The Land of the Forgotten

“The Land of the Forgotten” is a short, poetic story written by Sandy back in 2010.

It was inspired by a visit to the Isles of Scilly while he was making a spiritual road trip along the ‘Costa da Morte’. It was this road trip that led to the soundtrack for “Terras Últimas”.

Find out how you can help to release this beautiful and joyful story into the world:


The book it´s almost done. I´m now in the last stage of the work, inserting the text and organizing the entire book.

For this work I´m using InDesign. This is the least fun part :(

At the bottom you can see the notebook where I do all my notes. From small sketches to counting the time that I take in every stage of my projects.


The next children book that I'm illustrating is already in its final stage.

Only the text is missing :)

Many characters...

A few more sketches for the Opera Omnia book.

A bad dream...

It's always cool when I´ve to draw strange animals ... This is a small sketch that I´ll use in the new children's book publisher's Opera Omnia.


Initial phase of a new project :) Storyboards for a children book.

"Ser Serrano - Os Filhos da Serra" Book

The last book I illustrated is out! :)

Drawing made by children

I thought it was so cute when I saw this huge drawing made ​​by children at Library Abel Varzim in Barcelos, Portugal  :).

It is a copy of this illustration that I did for  the children book  "Bichos com riso, rimas com siso" (something like "Animal with laughter, rhymes with wisdom").

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