Arte na Leira - Art exhibition

My drawings at the exhibition :)

If you want to see more photos of the exhibition just follow the link:


My cards are ready!!!


Bruno ( did the design. The result it´s just like I wanted :)
This was the image I used:

Arte na Leira

Yesterday, I took these two drawings to Serra de Arga, in Caminha  for the art exhibition "Arte na Leira".

The inauguration will be this Saturday, the 20th, at 18:30 at the Casa do Marco, Arga de Baixo - Caminha. There is going to be entertainment and fireworks.

Anyone who wants to come will be welcome!! :)

New drawing

Sketch for my card.

I'm still not sure if I will use this drawing...

When brambles invade the palace of Sleeping Beauty ... part 2

Finally finishing this drawing with india ink and watercolours.

Usually my working process goes through manual and digital techniques, but this time I felt like doing everything by hand until the end :)

"Ser Serrano - Os Filhos da Serra" Book

The last book I illustrated is out! :)

Drawing made by children

I thought it was so cute when I saw this huge drawing made ​​by children at Library Abel Varzim in Barcelos, Portugal  :).

It is a copy of this illustration that I did for  the children book  "Bichos com riso, rimas com siso" (something like "Animal with laughter, rhymes with wisdom").

When brambles invade the palace of Sleeping Beauty ...

Still working on my next illustrated children tale "Sleeping Beauty".

"Sleeping Beauty" sketch

A pencil sketch of the cover for Sleeping Beauty.


You will be able to see this work completed on the Classic Tales APP for iPAD which I´m doing in partnership with MindShaker (

This APP will also have access to many other tales illustrated by various national artists.