The book it´s almost done. I´m now in the last stage of the work, inserting the text and organizing the entire book.

For this work I´m using InDesign. This is the least fun part :(

At the bottom you can see the notebook where I do all my notes. From small sketches to counting the time that I take in every stage of my projects.

Actos (Im)próprios Conference

Showcasing my illustration work at the conference Actos (im)prórpios #02-saídas criativas em Arquitectura ( (in)appropriate acts #02 - creative career opportunities in Architecture), ate the invitation of
the Association of Portuguese Architects.

The aim of this conference was to show the work done by architects who chose other fields of work. Here, I had the opportunity to learn about other very interesting projects done by young creators. If you want know more about these works follow these links:


The next children book that I'm illustrating is already in its final stage.

Only the text is missing :)

Poster sketch

I'm doing the poster for my next exhibition at Centésima Página ;) I did everything within the same logic that I´ve used in the drawings where I had to put text.

I'll give more details later on ...

Fado in Bossa album cover

A detail from the album cover for the musical project Fado in Bossa.

It´s going to be released soon :)

Visit their facebook page:

Celebration illustration

I made this illustration to celebrate the fact that my facebook page has over 500 likes and to thank everyone that liked.

Today I wanted to post the pictures of before and after coloring to show you some of my work process. First I did the pencil drawing and then scanned it and colored it in Photoshop. I also used a texture that I made with graphite pencil on paper just to give a rough air to the illustration: P.

Sleeping Beauty´s Palace

Just an architecture detail of Sleeping Beauty's palace.
This sketch is part of an illustration where we can see the fairies arriving to the Sleeping Beauty christening.

Transfer to a clean sheet

Another illustration for Sleeping Beauty...

Many characters...

A few more sketches for the Opera Omnia book.

A bad dream...

It's always cool when I´ve to draw strange animals ... This is a small sketch that I´ll use in the new children's book publisher's Opera Omnia.