"The Zephyrtine" Booklet

"The album is already available! I really enjoyed doing this work although I was initially a little frightened by the amount of colour that I had to use. I had to leave my comfort zone and in the end, it payed off :).

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"The Zephyrtine: A Story Ballet" is a musical work by the American composer David Chesky, three times nominated for a Grammy, and Performed by Foundation Studio Orchestra Conducted by Maestro Rui Massena.

This ballet tells the story of Ben, a boy from Vermont, who meets Zephyrtine, a magical creature. With Zephyrtine, Ben flies to the magical world of Eudora, the utopian society where people are of all colors and ice cream grow on trees. When the Blue Princess is captured by the monster Ib, Ben must save her using his intelligence and courage.

Album available here:

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