Hello! My name is Ângela.

I work as a freelance illustrator having done collaborations with several publishing companies, especially in the childrens illustration area.

I'm an architect turned illustrator, and that's a good thing, or else we wouldn't be able to get coffee, because there's no Starbucks in my cities!

The Sci-Fi and Fantasy books i've been reading since i was a young child have served as inspiration for the different worlds i create. I try to portray in the best way possible the places that grow and develop in my imagination, many times to a point where they seem to not fit the canvas, leading me to create small sequences to better tell the history of that place.


Editora Opera Omnia (Portugal)
Porto Editora (Portugal)
David Chesky Records (USA)
Cultureprint (Portugal)
Editora Alfabeto (Portugal)